Magical Edwinsford

Edwinsford sits on the banks of the River Cothi with its own single arched bridge crossing over the river.

The earliest part is the square building to the left with the single chimney stack in the centre. To the right is a later French renaissance wing.

I have made two visits to Edwinsford over a ten year period. The place has a magical feel to it. Although the current owner has spent much time clearing out the fallen masonry and other debris, the structure looks weak and multiple fresh piles of stone lie around parts of the house.

Edwinsford is a special place, one that I hope to visit again someday, but before that visit I hope Edwinsford  will have a renaissance of its own.

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2 Responses to Magical Edwinsford

  1. Great photos – this house looks quite sad, but also quite precarious – you are pretty brave to get so close!

  2. I’d love to reuse its panelling.

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