Baron Hill (Part 1: Gatehouse & Gardens)

I made my way from mainland North Wales, over the bridge to Angelsey and towards my destination; the colossal neo-Palladian mansion of Baron Hill.  Before getting anywhere near the main house I passed its first gate house, which is not derelict, and which is situated over two miles from the house itself. Heading off the road I started to make my way to the second of the two gatehouses, situated next to a stone bridge that the driveway once went over. The large pair of iron gates that crossed the drive here have long gone and so had the gravelled driveway itself, leaving a well trodden muddy path to lead me to the house. Walking down the drive I noticed some steps to my right and I walked down them to have a look. I found myself standing on the top of a semi- circular garden building. A further flight of steps led down into the building. Stepping as lightly as I could I followed the stairs which then split off to the right and left. When I reached the bottom I was in an overgrown mass of shrubs and I turned round to look at the building. It was a beautiful, almost temple like building, which had as its only purpose the containing and hiding of the flight of steps up to the next level of the garden. Pushing my way further through the foliage I found myself in a garden surrounded by high retaining walls and stone steps that again led me up to the next level. The semi circular bay of the main block stood before me, I paused and took in the view before I set off to explore further.

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1 Response to Baron Hill (Part 1: Gatehouse & Gardens)

  1. This place looks great – definitely magical!

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