Baron Hill (Part 2: The Mansion)

I stood looking at the huge ruined mansion of Baron Hill. That was being taken over by ivy. I made my way over to the doorway and stood peering in, looking at the small fragments of plasterwork that remained in situ on the wall. The gardens in front of the house were completely overgrown obscuring the view down the park land to the Menai Straits and over to mainland Wales.  Through a doorway I caught a glimpse of the grand staircase, which sadly no longer rose further than about 12 steps, then had collapsed; the banister had long since been removed.  Everything about Baron Hill had been done on a grand scale; the doorways themselves were twice as tall as me. I only saw one seemingly fresh pile of masonry lying on the floor which gave me some hope that the house was holding on, waiting for rescue.  Alas rescue does not seem to be coming, although talk about Baron Hill being turned into 42 apartments has been mentioned again and again over the last few years.  As yet nothing seems to be set in stone.

If it were up to me I would not want to have the mansion divided up into flats, but it being used as a private home again is extremely unlikely. I think a better scheme would be to save the ruin, make it safe and restore the gardens and open the site to the public just like has been done at Whitley Court in Worcestershire

What a truly amazing place. I know that not all properties in this state will ever be saved but this surely is one for which a rescue scheme should be prioritised to preserve the remains of one of Wales’s grandest house.

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