A hint of Italy in Carmarthenshire: part 1

Gellideg is an Italianate mansion not far from Carmarthen in West Wales.

The life of this house was a really short one, as it lasted only 100 years before the owners found the house too costly to maintain, so they sold all the fixtures and fittings and removed the roof. Without a roof the house was uninhabitable and therefore they had no liability to pay tax on it.

It was a grey and drizzly day when I made my way to Gellideg. The house is perched on a hill surrounded by trees.  Walking around the house I could see that the majority of the outside walls were intact, but inside, however, was a different story. The stone walls were crumbling and it was hard to see the layout of the rooms. Trees had tried to take over the inside of the mansion, but from what I could see, clearance work had been taking place within this building. It was so good to see that the walls of Gellideg appear strong and that the current owners have been working on clearing the grounds and the inside of the structure.

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