Neuadd Fawr

Neuadd Fawr

I had a fantastic trip to Neuadd Fawr – a house that I had wanted to visit for many years. From my 100+ photos taken on that day in March, this one remains my favourite. This inquisitive flock of sheep followed me around the grounds while I took pictures of the glorious remains of this classical style mansion.

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4 Responses to Neuadd Fawr

  1. Loz says:

    where can I see the 100+ photos please?!

    • Tim James says:

      I shall sort them out and sent you a link

      • Laurence Downing says:

        I want to go there soon,any tips on dealing with the owners?cheers

      • Tim James says:

        The owners are a really nice couple, I rang ahead the day before to ask if I would be able to visit. they said this would be fine, when I arrived the told me lots of information on the house while we were stood in its shadow. they then left me to roam freely.

        A friend just rocked up to photograph the house, he was also warmly welcome.

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