Foxhall Newydd

Foxhall Newydd

Foxhall Newydd is a Grade 1 listed building and it is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It is located near Henllan in Denbighshire. It was 1592 when the building was started on the same site as an earlier house. It was an ambitious Elizabethan building designed as a statement of wealth. Originally conceived as a symmetrical ‘H’ shape, it was sadly never finished and what is now left visible is just a third of the planned original construction. Nonetheless, this four-storey building is an impressive sight as you walk along the footpath on the northern boundary. It has been left to deteriorate since the late 1800s and although recently some work has been done to remove ivy from the walls, time is now running out for the remaining structure. It is probable that this house was never lived in, and it now seems likely that, in spite of its archaeological interest, it never will be.
It would take an extremely enthusiastic and wealthy new owner to preserve this impressive building.

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