Brynkir Revisited

A weekend in north Wales, led to a rather spontaneous visit to Brynkir, which is located on the edge of the beautiful Snowdonia  National Park. Leaving the car in a lay by I asked my friends to follow me.  Slightly bewildered they got out the car and trailed after me through the vegetation.  They had no idea what lay ahead.  After  a few minutes venturing through the overgrown grounds, the grey walls, that I remembered  so fondly from the previous summer, stood in front on us.  My previous visit was in May 2012, but this time, now that winter had set in and the trees had lost their leaves,  the building could be viewed in greater detail.  Inside the building most of the saplings that had sunk their roots into the rubble from the fallen walls, have now largely been cleared.  Now there is less vegetation I was able to explore part of the building that I had not been able to reach on my original visit.  inside the building the lack of internal structure is disappointingly clear; where once there were walls, now there are just piles of stones.  Although a large amount of the fabric of the building has long gone, there is enough still standing to evoke  emotion about this magical ruin.

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