Remote, Derelict and on the Market

Remote, Derelict and on the Market

The derelict farmhouse known as Pemprys, twenty minutes from Aberystwyth is currently on the market.
If seclusion is what you’re after then this house is the one for you! This Grade II listed building is sited on a small plot of land and it sits in a secluded valley up a long and bumpy track.
After negotiating the fallen trees and the pot holes I reached the farmhouse. It was dusk and the light was fading fast. The ground was wet and there was a cold chill in the air.
The walls of the house were thick and seemed to be in a good state, but the roof had many slipped slates and there were no signs of any activity to patch the holes up.
Walking into the house I saw a layer of mud covering the ground floor. Some attempt to make the house semi- water tight had been made, but this was purely by blocking the windows up with whatever stones or pieces of wood had been lying nearby. In the main room a large inglenook fire place took up the majority of one of the walls, but the large wooden beam that held up the chimney had a great crack in it and had consequently shifted allowing the wall above it to drop. A rickety staircase led to the first floor, and I had to avoid the holes and rotten floor boards to take a look. There was evidence of wildlife, of various kinds, making the cottage their home.
There are six rooms in total, as well as a barn which is built onto the end of the house. This is a good size cottage sitting in the most beautiful position.
Sadly, planning permission has already been refused twice, with the local authority suggesting that a better use would be to use the building to house animals! Surely this is not the right answer! Further worries from the council include access and the presence of bats at the property. The lack of facilities at the property and its remote location are factors that could put off many perspective buyers, but for someone wanting to live off-grid this could be perfect!
I will watch and hope that someone who can take on the many challenges of this property will appear and bring it back to life.

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