Neuadd Fawr: The south east elevation

Here we have  Neuadd Fawr in Carmarthenshire, The  first photo was take over 100 years ago the second in 2013 after the house had become derelict. you can see that the stone balustrade was removed at some point.

I have recreated the earlier elevation  in too two drawings, and  used two colors to highlight the detailing on the building,

Just for fun on a wet and windy afternoon!

I hope you like them

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7 Responses to Neuadd Fawr: The south east elevation

  1. Fantastic drawings! Very skilled.
    Are there any updates on your book? I’d like to put my name down for a copy 🙂

    • Tim James says:

      Hi Duncan.

      thanks, i really enjoy drawing buildings and its great to have some good feedback!

      Due to other projects taking over the book got put on hold, but i think its about time i finished it off.
      i will let you know when i have any updates.

      in till then enjoy the blog.

      and good luck with your projects


  2. Loz says:

    Your not “timmy” james Oli’s brother are you??! Laurence

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