Trawsgoed Mansion

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So here we have one of the great country houses of Wales, ok from the front its not the most aesthetically pleasing house, But what it lacks in beauty it makes up in history. I am currently reading ‘The Vaughans of Trawsgoed a book about this house and the family that once owned it and the 40.000 acre estate it sat on, situated 8 miles from Aberystwyth. Trousgoed mansion has now been split up and is in a semi derelict state. The main Georgian wing is on the market is for just over 500k. the central section for 330k after years on the market. would they accept a cheeky offer? so what do you thing guys shall we all chip in and make this most historic of welsh houses our weekend retreat?

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6 Responses to Trawsgoed Mansion

  1. Andrew Beckett says:


    Agree that it is worth saving, especially as the rot hasn’t set in yet. Now’s the time.

    Who is it for sale with?


  2. Graham says:

    Fantastic opportunity. Amazing place.

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