Cumming soon

Over the past year and a half I have been putting together a book of the crumbling historic houses of Wales. This has been an ambition of mine for many years. Travelling around the Welsh countryside I photographed the impressive remains of the great houses that lie dotted around Wales.
This experience led me to some beautiful parts of Wales. I have visited a mix of different styles of derelict mansion, from gothic revival, to neo Palladian as well as fortified castle style houses.
As well as photographs the book contains a written account of finding the houses, my initial impressions of them and a little history and I also try to guess what the future has in store for these buildings if a restoration plan could be achieved.
The book is now in its final stages.

7 Responses to Book

  1. Liz bolloten says:

    Hi just found your blog via Spencer Beale. I absolutely love it. My passion is painting crumbling houses just like these. I did some work for Mark Baker up at Brynkir, and just wish there was some way I could record and paint some of this beauty before it disappears! I have a web site which is and a Facebook page, Liz Bolloten Art. These buildings are so very important…. With best wishes Liz Bolloten.

    • Hi Liz, Thank you.
      I found your painting of Brynkir, it’s great what an amazing building it is. Your right these buildings are so important, we must continue to paint, photograph and record them before sadly the inevitable happens and some of them are lost forever.

      • Liz Bolloten says:

        Hi Tim, thanks for replying.. How did you find it? Actually i did three, but am going to do some more, but they are not on my website,
        so how did you find them??!! Mark has them as three postcards…. Let me know if you would like me to paint any of these beauties!

  2. Hi Liz. I found a painting of Brynkir on the love my wales facebook page.
    I really love your Mussenden Temple painting.

  3. Liz Bolloten says:

    Am so looking forward to going there soon. My work is being featured in the city of Derry next week on the 25th and 26th in a film on the city

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