Restoration Dreams


Throughout the past 18 years I have had a dream of one day restoring a derelict mansion. This task is to be a huge one. Throughout my journey of documenting derelict buildings I have met some amazing people who have taken on such a project and their interest and passion for the building that they have chosen has inspired me and spurred me on to start a degree in Heritage Interior Design, which one day, I hope, will be useful in my own country house restoration.
A favourite book of mine is “ Castles in the Air” by Judy Corbett , who, with her partner, took on the challenge of restoring Gwygir Castle in Snowdonia. The book follows the ups and downs in the process of restoring their castle, and is well worth a read.

1 Response to Restoration Dreams

  1. Andrew Beckett says:

    The Welsh Georgian Trust a building preservation trust set up to save exactly the same buildings you have in your excellent site and forthcoming book. We will soon launch a website but perhaps you could email to discuss further?

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